Unique nature photos that elicit emotion




Iguana that lives in old boat dry docked on Little Torch Key, Florida.

Although I have been taking photos since I was given a box camera 43 years ago, I didn't consider myself a photographer but friends and family began making comments and asking to buy photos.
A friend viewing some of my scenic photos said “If you can do that with a point and shoot, get a real camera” and on a walk with my sister I pointed out several scenes which would shoot well and she said, “Do you see life as a photo opportunity!”
My answer is yes. Life is a photo opportunity of being in the now by seeing the beauty, wonder and humor in front of us at every moment. A camera is a known method of capturing moments and scenes of your life, seeing everyday life as art is a way of taking notice of being in the now.


Ong Photos
From the Gurmukhi language, Ong translates to
Universal Creative Consciousness is my true essence.”
All images and text copyright © Ong Photos/Maryann Laraia
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